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World Crazy Golf Championship ends in dramatic fashion

Competitive crazy golf events are no longer exclusive to competing siblings and bickering families. Now there are tournaments played all over Great Britain and the United States, with people actually hopping on planes from around the world to play in the games.

And that was the case at the 2014 World Crazy Golf Championship, which was held on October 25th at the Seafront Crazy Golf Course in Hastings, England, which calls itself “the home of crazy golf.” So you just knew this was going to be off the chain!

When it was all said and done, Chris Harding walked away with the top prize, but not without some late drama to enthral those watching the action.

Nuno Cunha finished in second place at the event due to a moment of sheer gut-wrenching agony as he watched his birdie putt drop into the cup of the final hole – and then bounce back out again. That putt wasn’t the issue, however, as Cunha was already a pretty steep six strokes behind Harding, but the miss could affect his season-long order of merit standing. With the current season beginning to wind down now, Cunha remains just outside the top five, frustratingly lingering in sixth place.

The dreaded missed putt drew stark memories of Joe Daley’s incredibly unlucky putt at the 2000 PGA Tour Q-School, which in that instance prevented him getting on tour by one stroke.

Here’s the full clip of the final hole of the 2014 World Crazy Golf Championship, but be warned; that guy in the green hoodie stands over his putts for a mind-numbingly long time. It’s very annoying!