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Bridgestone Golf

Founded by Shojiro Ishibashi in 1931, Bridgestone lives by the simple philosophy to “Serve Society with Superior Quality.”

Over the years, Bridgestone’s pursuit of superior quality resulted in the brand becoming a global market leader in the rubber industry as well as in the polymer science technologies, before converting its golf passion into a commercial success by first producing golf balls in 1935.

Along with technical developments in tyre technology came breakthroughs in golf ball technology that have led Bridgestone to become the number one golf ball producer in Japan.

Today Bridgestone continues its relentless surge with popular ranges such as B330, B330-RX, e-Series, Extra Soft and Ladies Precept, becoming some of the most recognised and used golf balls on the course.

For golfers who like to know they have absolute quality in their bag, Bridgestone Golf is a natural leader and first choice for many golfers around the world today.