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Rose skipping World Cup to calm nerves ahead of US Open title defence

Pure fans of everything sport will no doubt be thinking they’re in heaven right now with the US Open and FIFA World Cup both hurtling towards our screens at breakneck speed. However, for Justin Rose, the World Cup is a distraction the defending champion could do without.

Rose says he will be avoiding the England v Italy game after learning his lesson back in 2010 when England were eliminated by Germany in the last 16, which left the golfer so upset he let slip a three-stroke lead on the final day at the Travelers Championship.

"We always seem to lose to Germany and that was a particularly emotional football match," said Rose. "Although it was on at 10am over here and I wasn't teeing off until 2pm, I never really calmed down and I went out and lost that event.

"So I would be more careful about my emotions this time, although if I am leading the US Open and I swerve my press conference to watch the game I could be a national hero."

Rose may be passionate about England, but right now there’s nothing else he wants more than to be walking away from the US Open still the champion, although he also believes there’s a good few English golfers at the event this year who could easily make a charge for success.

He added: "Before I won my major there were about four or five of us Englishmen you couldn't really separate - it could have been any one of our weeks at any time. And it could still happen for any one of us here this week, or at the Open or the USPGA.

"We're all good enough, it's just about in the final moment having that bit of luck and self-belief to hit the right shot at the right time. I would say there's more chance of one of us winning here than England winning the World Cup, unfortunately."

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