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PUMA Golf introduces new BioDrive footwear

Today PUMA Golf introduces BioDrive – the next generation of golf footwear designed for performance, training and versatility on and off the course. Featuring three specialised zones specifically engineered to increase flexibility, balance and stability, expect these shoes to become one of the must-have products in the New Year.

BioDrive golf shoes have three performance zones providing its wearer with superior grip and control on the golf course. It utilises multiple decoupled octagon shaped pods in the forefoot for excellent flexibility and increased ground contact and traction. In addition to this, the mid-foot axis point allows for supportive torsional movement for a balanced feel, and lastly, four connected pods in the heel provide a sturdy platform on which to execute unmatched stability.

“Training in the gym and on the course is important for golfers of all levels. And when you need to go from the weight room to the range it’s vital to have the right footwear. I love the versatility and performance of the BioDrive shoes,” said Joey D Diovisalvi, a golf fitness expert and COBRA PUMA GOLF ambassador. “It’s a great performer on the course that allows the golfer to grip the ground through their swing but can also be worn to the gym. From a biomechanics standpoint, it provides the flexibility, stability and balance necessary for optimal performance.”

BioDrive shoes are infused with PUMA Golf’s signature colour lexicon and progressive style, with the silhouette designed to mimic a fast, athletic shoe whole the outsole has been largely inspired by more traditional golf shoes – it makes for a wonderful marriage of classic and new.

The shoes outsole contains 10 strategically-positioned octagons providing 130 unique points of traction. The traction on the perimeter of each octagon is designed with a larger surface area to offer players greater traction on indoor, smoother surfaces, while the traction on the octagon placed in the centre of the shoes provide stable performance on the greens.

A waterproof performance ripstop mesh upper that’s lightweight and extremely breathable will help golfers remain cool and protected in adverse weather conditions. The golf shoe comes with a 2-year waterproof warranty, so you know PUMA mean business.

“The BioDrive was literally designed from the ground up. Starting with the outsole we focused on three zones – the heel, the midfoot and the forefoot – keeping in mind all the elements important to a golfer – comfort, fit, flexibility and balance,” said Grant Knudson, head of footwear at PUMA Golf. “This spikeless, versatile shoe allows golfers to go straight from work to the gym, to the range, or to play 18.”

Built on an all-new anatomical, roomy comfort last, the carbon rubber in the shoe’s outsile ensures excellent ground grip and long-lasting durability, while the TPU perimeter wrap is bonded 360 degrees around the shoe for improved protection and durability.

The PUMA Golf BioDrive Golf Shoes are expected to arrive on February 1, 2015.

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