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Iguana attempts to eat Andrew Loupe's golf ball at Puerto Rico Open

An iguana which was seen casually roaming the greens at the 2014 Puerto Rico Open had a sudden bout of hunger as he attempted to eat Andrew Loupes’ golf ball.

Next Impulse Sports’ Kiley Kmiec spotted the hilarious video, which has been posted to the PGA’s YouTube page. It features a curious iguana moving Loupe’s golf ball before scurrying away when realising its find wasn’t all that delicious after all.

The YouTube description states that the moment occurred as Loupe played through the 16th hole over the weekend. The announcer then casually mentions that this isn’t the first time an animal has pulled some kind of shenanigans at a Tour event, elaborating: "We see the seagull at TPC—Steve Lowery 1998 seagull at 17—picked up the ball, tried to fly off, dropped it right in the lake."

Further information on this amusing story comes from Yahoo! Sports’ Shane Bacon, who resolved: "Loupe would go on to make par on the 16th, post a final round 69 and finish T-12 at the other PGA Tour event that went down this weekend."

And before you head into the weekend thinking that it’s only animals who partake in an occasional golf ball snatching, the Golf Channel noticed who they described as a “fan” picking up Luke Donald’s golf ball during Friday’s round at Doral.

The cheeky fan didn’t get away with a free souvenir for his mantel though; and Donald reportedly dropped without penalty.

So enjoy your golf this weekend, but remember; keep an eye on your golf balls…you never know who, be it human or animal, could be waiting to claim it!