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Giant octopus on fifth hole is Rory McIlroy fan

A popular British bookmakers has been trying to convince people at The Open Championship to gamble more by placing a giant octopus on the fifth hole at Royal Liverpool.

The enormous model sea creature can be found on the fifth hole, just in front of the building’s windows.

But why an octopus you ask? It’s a clever nod to the Beatle’s song “Octopus Garden.”

However, the giant octopus is doing more than just lurking above the fifth hole, it also seems to have its favourites for The Open.

Earlier in the week a sign was clutched in one of its eight tentacles which took a hilarious swipe at Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter’s pants, while also holding up a sign of approval to Billy Horschel, who famously donned octopus pants at the 2013 US Open.

And the octopus was at it again on Friday when it made its allegiance known to the world by offering Rory McIlroy some words of encouragement for his second round with a sign reading “C’mon Rory.”

Of course even octopi understand the need for rules and the one at Hoylake hasn’t been shy in telling those in attendance to keep the noise levels to a minimum with a sign simply reading “Quiet.”

Clearly this octopus is serious about its golf.

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