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How To Play Bubba Golf

Blast your way to glory, BubbaLong style!

We sit down to quiz Bubba on his game and find out what makes the former Masters Champion tick on the golf course.

What’s Bubba Golf?

Bubba: “It means just have fun. Like at the Ryder Cup when I animated the crowd on the first tee to scream while I was hitting the shot. Still playing the game at a high level. Still concentrating. Still trying hard. But having fun and enjoying it.”

When Bubba goes Bad

Bubba: “When you hit a bad shot, just go and find your ball and hit it again. Exactly like I did at Augusta when I hit that awful tee shot into the trees. I hit a great shot out of there and it won me the Masters. One bad shot doesn’t mean defeat.”

Chucking Shapes

Bubba: “If I have to be really creative with a shot then I get proper focused. If you have trees in your way or something else is going on, you really have to get focused on what you have to do with the ball. If it’s got to go high, think how you’d do that. Same for low ones or left and right shots. Then get committed to it. That’s really what it is. It’s about commitment.”

Go Long!

Bubba: "I tell people two things. Firstly, play to your strengths and secondly, think about using a shorter driver. People come in all shapes and sizes and there are loads of ways to hit the ball a long way. Smaller golfers should pound balls to build up their golf muscles, while those blessed with strong thighs or broad shoulders should think about how to make them work best for their game. I’ve tried long drivers, but actually find I get more power and control from a slightly shorter shaft length. Tiger at his longest used a relatively short 43½-inch driver, with a steel shaft to boot. You'll find it easier to hit the sweet spot with a shorter shaft, and you can go after tee shots without losing much control.”

Head Still

Bubba: "It’s important to do the fundamentals right on the putting green as well as on the tee. I always check that the ball position is towards the front foot and my weight favours that side. Almost like I’m leaning towards the hole. "I was always told that the key to solid putting was keeping my head still and that’s something I always see amateurs failing to do. I know why. You wanna see where that ball is going and watch it go in the hole, but lifting your head too early throws your shoulders out of whack and causes pushes and pulled putts. So check those fundamentals, because if you can putt good, you can play good for a long time."

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