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OnlineGolf News: Tony Jacklin Answers Your Questions

Charlie Brownlee asks "What was your most special moment in golf? Winning a major or Jack Nicklaus conceding the putt in the Ryder Cup?"

Tony Jacklin: "My Majors are my most precious things, if that makes any sense, I set out wanting to win as many Majors as I could or to be as good a player as I could and I think that we are judged by the Majors that we have won. I wouldn't give my two Majors up for all the money in the world!"

Ian Rennie asks "Who gave you your first golf club and where did you first hit a ball?"

Tony Jacklin: "Well my first attempt at golf was at one of my fathers clubs, but back in the 50's, when I took the game up, I went to the sale room with my father in Scunthorpe and we got an old set of hickory shafted clubs that were stuck in the corner of the sale room. My dad bought them for very little, and with the hickory shaft being made of wood obviously, I was able to take the grips off and saw them down to the length I required at 9 years old. On a set of hickorys the heads used to come loose in the summer when the wood dried out and if we were going to play golf I used to have to stand them in a bucket of water so the wood would swell and the heads wouldn't rattle. There you are! There's a bit of history for you."

John Stewart asks " My sons play a lot of golf. Do you need a lot of money and backing to be a pro?"

Tony Jacklin: "It's not cheap. I'm sponsoring my youngest son on the South American circuit and he's flying all over South America at my expense and he's doing very nicely, but there's not sustitute for the experience he's getting. At varying levels, it's the travel and the hotels you have to stay in to play in these tournaments, it's not cheap. Once you leave your own little nest travelling is an expensive business, but the rewards can be great also."

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