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Cobra Golf AMP Cell S Combo Set Irons

Designed for mid-high handicap golfers who aren’t afraid to take a few risks, the Cobra Golf AMP Cell S Combo Set 4-5 Hy & 6-SW has some spectacular spec, including E9 Face Technology, a new AMP Cell Weighting, V-Skid sole and Advanced Material Placement and Cell technology in the hybrids.

The creation of these irons means a more forgiving combo is laid before the player and greater distances can be achieved; giving the biggest boost to your game to date!

Cobra Golf AMP Cell S Hybrids

The versatile hybrids provide AMP Cell SmartPad technology which delivers a square face at address. For added shot workability, SmartPad allows the golfer to slightly open or close the hybrid as needed at address. AMP Cell technology frees up additional discretionary weight for a 12% larger effective face delivering faster ball speeds on mis-hits and E9 Face technology provides a larger sweet zone that corresponds to the typical golfer impact pattern giving more consistent distance.

Cobra Golf AMP Cell S Irons

Innovative E9 Face Technology makes the spots where the golf ball is often mishit far more forgiving, which leads to greater shot precision far more often. The metalwood construction – welding a hot, thin face to a softer body – has created an iron-like driver that can achieve incredible distance. The AMP Cell V-Skid sole design has been expertly sculpted so that it improves turf interaction for all swing types. AMP Cell Technology also works to distribute weight from the face and body to create more perimeter weighting and positions the centre of gravity behind the sweet zone. Las but certainly not least of all, the AMP Cell Vibration Dampening system tunes vibration for a better sound and feel at impact.

The Cobra Golf AMP Cell S Combo Set Irons have been created for serious golfers looking for that extra bite in their game and are available now from!