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Review: Srixon AD333 2015 Golf Balls

Srixon is targeting golfers with club swings of 80mph or higher who seek greater distance and feel with its new AD333 golf balls.

Made from an Energetic Gradient Growth Core™ and brand new equally-sized dimple design, the AD333 promotes excellent distances by producing the least amount of drag.

324 Speed Dimple Pattern

Next-generation Speed Dimple™ technology combines uniformity of dimple design with a higher surface coverage, which creates more distance and wind resistance. The Aero Power Dimple design delivers penetrating trajectory with higher lift force that results in incredible carry and distance with superior stability.

SpinSkin Technology

Designed to improve greenside spin without sacrificing distance and tee to green control, the proprietary SpinSkin™ coating combined with a new urethane cover improves friction between the golf ball and club surface by 20%, resulting in unmatched greenside performance.

Energetic Gradient Growth Core

Srixon is using a patented technology that is utilised in the core of every single Srixon golf ball made. E.G.G. describes the varying stiffness of the Srixon core, and this stiffness variation has been employed to achieve benefits over a uniform-stiffness core. This soft-to-firm stiffness allows the golf ball to produce higher ball speeds and low driver spin.

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