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Tiger is cooking with gas – literally!

Tiger Woods will turn up the burners next year, only not in the way you’d expect…

According to The Palm Beach Post, a popular newspaper in Florida where Woods makes his home, the 38-year-old Nike golfer is planning on opening his very first restaurant, interestingly titled ‘The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club.’

The article goes on to explain that the restaurant will feature outdoor seating and valet parking, although as of this time it hasn’t been suggested that guests will be driven via golf buggy to their table, but there’s always hope.

Woods has said he wants the eatery to become a popular destination for residents living nearby in Jupiter Island, Florida.

Tiger is quoted in The Palm Beach Post as saying: "I envision a place where people can meet friends, watch sports on TV and enjoy a good meal. I wanted to build it locally where I live and where it could support the community."

It would seem Woods is planning for life after golf, with this past year a stark reminder that he isn’t getting any younger. The former world No.1 has struggled with back injuries all season and went under the knife in March to relieve nerve pressure on his back and legs. He missed three months of competitions, including the year’s first two majors, as a result.

"When I first came out on [the PGA Tour], I was running 30 miles a week, and I was doing that for years, and even during tournament weeks, I would still run five, six miles a day," Woods said. "But I can't do that anymore. We're obviously going to make some adjustments going forward. But I still want to feel explosive, I still want to feel strong and mobile."

Of course Woods opening his own restaurant does not mean he’s finished with golf, but rather seeking a new challenge in his life to play alongside his life-long passion.

"I look forward to enjoying my restaurant as much as I hope the public will," Woods added.

So if you’re holidaying in Florida next year, or if you live out that way, why not stop in for a nibble when the club opens in 2015.

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