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Tiger gets new swing coach – but who is he?

Who is Tiger’s mysterious new swing coach? This was the overriding question being asked on Saturday night when it came to light that Tiger was working with a guy called Chris Como…Who the heck is that?

Such a furore was whipped up over the new swing coach that many swarmed to Como’s official website before it crashed minutes later due to the weight of traffic piling onto it. And Tiger himself gained several thousand new followers overnight on Twitter upon releasing the news that this was the man he’d be working with going forward.

So again we ask: who is Chris Como? Well turns out that Como is a 37-year-old Texan who has previously worked with the likes of South African Trevor Immelman and Australian Aaron Baddeley. He also has a strong interest in golfing biomechanics – ideal for helping players swing the golf club in a manner that avoids injury.

Given the problems that Tiger has suffered, should this new swing coach devise something that is able to keep him fit and healthy for the next decade of his career, he’ll be a very famous name in the annals of golf.

Woods was introduced to Como – his fourth swing coach in 20-years – by long-time friend from his university days Noah Begay, whose own career was curtailed by a back injury.

“Subsequently, Chris and I had several good conversations about the golf swing,” said Woods. “I’ve worked with him for about a month since I started practising again, and Chris will consult and work with me during the year.”

Many are anxious to see whether this new swing coach can instil some of the old Tiger Woods back into a man who has looked short on fitness and confidence in equal measure this year. And we won’t have to wait long to watch Tiger in action as he prepares to return to the greens in the tournament he hosts, the Hero World Challenge in Florida next week.

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