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The most honest player in sport?

Cameron Tringale may well be the most honest sportsperson in the world.

Tringale is what many would call a journeyman on the US PGA Tour, but now he’s far more popular among fans after calling the US PGA almost a week after the final major of the year had concluded to ask that he be disqualified from the competition.

When asked why he should be disqualified, Tringale explained that he had sliced his putter over the top of the golf ball before tapping in on the 11th hole of his final round, not counting the initial stroke.

The whiffed shot was not picked up by television cameras, nor did anyone either refereeing the event or those in attendance notice the cover-up. And Tringale wasn’t even 100% sure the shot even counted since the whole arena of stokes is a grey area. If you’ve not addressed the golf ball to try and hit it, there’s no penalty given.

However, Tringale was apparently so distressed over the incident that he endured sleepless nights. Eventually he picked up the phone and cleared his conscience to the PGA of America – asking that the stroke be retrospectively counted – which would result in a disqualification for signing an incorrect scorecard.

"On Sunday, I signed for a bogey 4 on the par-3 11th hole," Tringale explained in a statement. “While approaching the hole to tap in my 3-inch bogey putt, the putter swung over the ball prior to tapping in.

"Realising that there could be the slightest doubt that the swing over the ball should have been recorded as a stroke, I spoke with the PGA of America and shared with them my conclusion that the stroke should have been recorded."

Tringale had finished 33rd in the US PGA Championship, so his honesty cost him a cool $53,000 - roughly £32,000.

But don’t feel too sorry for him. Tringale has pocketed an estimated $1.7 million in prize money this year, so he should be ok. Still, you have to respect honesty, and we definitely think this deserves some credit.