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Steve Stricker Reportedly Skipping British Open for Anniversary with Wife

News has been circulating recently that Steve Stricker will not be part of the British Open as he is instead opting to spend time with his wife Nicki for their 20th wedding anniversary.

The decision has left more than a few people perplexed – a golfer removing himself from a Major through no injury or failure to qualify – is rather unprecedented. Webb Simpson missed last year’s British Open because his wife was pregnant but this seems to be the first time a pro athlete has placed more importance on his anniversary than a major sporting event.

Stricker has a pretty envious record at the British Open, too, finishing tied for 23rd last year and also earning himself two top-10 finishes in the last six years. Stricker is also 11th in the World Rankings.

From a professional perspective it is easy to see why many are a little upset by this apparent decision. Throwing away the chance for Major success in order to enjoy a wedding anniversary seems a little odd; but then again, it’s also a huge sacrifice and one that should be commended as it proves success and money pale in comparison to a loving relationship. Good on you, Stricker. Good on you!