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Rory McIlroy, Dudley the Dog…and a Head Cover?

A dog in Dundee has made himself an internet sensation after sharing the spotlight with Rory McIlroy at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship in Carnoustie.

Dudley, a three-year-old black Labrador, was sitting with owner Linzi McAlpine as the pair watched McIlroy prepare to tee off. Rory was playing the round with his father Gerry on Friday when they spotted Dudley at the side of the 18th hole.

Surprisingly McIlroy and his dad beckoned for him to join them on the tee, and when Linzi let him go, pictures of the cute pooch playing with the world No.1 were beamed around the world.

Rory used his animal golf club head cover to entertain the dog, playfully holding it behind his back and teasing Dudley before giving him a cuddle and letting him pad back to his owner.

Linzi, 27, a constable with Police Scotland, said of the moment: “It’s all been a bit mad. I was up at Carnoustie with my friend Rachel, as her mum and dad were doing the scoring, and I had brought Dudley with me. We were at the side of the 18th tee and I was crouched down beside him when Rory and his dad went onto it. They were waiting on the golfers up ahead finishing before teeing off and I saw Rory’s dad looking over and smiling.

“He pointed Dudley out to Rory and Rory was beckoning him to come onto the tee, so I just let him off the lead. Rory was asking what his name was and saying he was cute before winding him up with his St Bernard’s head cover.

“Dudley absolutely loved it and I think he got a bit of an ego boost, as he tried to get on the front seat of the car afterwards instead of going in the boot.”

However it wasn't all plain sailing as organisers of the competition mistakenly spelt his name wrong and initially “Duncan” was the famous dog whose fame was spreading around the globe. But Linzi said the mistake was bemusing.

“The only thing is, everyone seemed to be calling him Duncan,” she laughed. “They had put it on the competition’s Facebook page, so I made sure I let them know his real name. When I got home I saw it on the Dunhill website and people keep coming up to me and posting on Facebook about if the dog they had seen was Dudley. I even saw a clip of it myself on TV later at night.”

And here’s the clip in question, featuring the famous Dudley the Dog:

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