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OnlineGolf suggests…Midweek Treats: Because the weekend is halfway here!

We at OnlineGolf are firm believers that people should be happy every day of the week – and not just at weekends when they can drive to a golf course and use the latest equipment they purchased from us! So we’ve come up with a radical little idea, which might actually work, although we’re holding off on the patent for the time being.

Midweek treats! It’s a quick-fire way to cheer yourself up – or any golf fanatic in your life – by splashing out and having a treat before the weekend. Why wait for those new golf balls? What’s the hold-up with that new golf bag? Just grab what you want today and break up the monotony of midweek in the best possible way.

To give you an idea of what we mean, here’s this week's product pick that we think will put a smile on your face as you head into another midweek lull…

NEW Callaway Golf Aqua Dry Stand Bag – with free OnlineGolf Towel!

Callaway Golf bags are ultra-reliable, sleekly designed and prepared for performance in any weather, so the introduction of the new Aqua Dry Stand Bag only heightens expectations. And fortunately for all us golfers, Callaway has exceeded that expectation.

The Aqua Dry Stand Bag comes with a waterproof comfort tech strap system and 6 waterproof pockets for excellent outdoor protection, a 9.5”, 5-way divider golf club organisation system with integrated grab handle and non-slip footpads. The bag also has a very handy E-trolley footprint base system for easy accommodation with trolleys.

Storage options aplenty, the Callaway Golf Aqua Dry Stand Bag has six separate pockets for all manner of accessory’s and valuables, as well as a pocket designed specifically for GPS devices. Extra features which we love include a pen holder and a hook and loop glove holder.

The Callaway Golf Aqua Dry Stand Bag is available now at OnlineGolf, so why not wash away those midweek blues and give yourself a little treat before the weekend. Oh and did we mention there’s also a FREE ONLINEGOLF TOWEL for a limited time with every purchase of this awesome golf bag? Just checking…

Be sure to check back next week for another midweek treat suggestion at OnlineGolf.