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McIlroy Enjoys Round Of Golf With Bill Clinton

Rory McIlroy and Bill Clinton spent some time dining together and chatting with Bono in front of stunned patrons in Dublin’s Fire restaurant.

Later McIlroy took the former president of the United States of America onto the golf course to show him some skills.

It was Bill Clinton’s first visit to Ireland in more than two years and he enjoyed a packed schedule. He delivered the Ray Murphy Memorial lecture at the Conrad Hotel on Wednesday following a meeting at Government buildings with Taoiseach Enda Kenny earlier that day.

But there was still time for McIlroy and Clinton to enjoy a round of golf, with the former president even tweeting a picture of them as he highlighted the “great work of the Rory Foundation," which supports children's charities globally.

McIlroy then revealed what happened on the green during an interview with Newstalk's 'Off the Ball' programme yesterday.

"Anything inside six feet, it's 'Mr. President, pick that up'," said McIlroy.

"He is fond of dropping another ball or two and taking a few Mulligan’s -- but you don't call him on that.

"He loves his golf. He's a decent player. He probably plays to around a 14 handicap.”