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Lord Lucan ('s Clubs) Found

A set of bespoke golf clubs belonging to Lord Lucan have been found in the attic of the Knightsbridge Golf School where they were left days before he vanished.

The gambling peer used to play and take golf lessons there and attended his final class a day or two before his family nanny was murdered and he disappeared, never to be seen again.

Lucan was accused of the murder by his estranged wife and that was the last recorded sighting of the peer, who was declared dead in 1999, despite numerous supposed sightings of him all over the world.

According to KGS co-director, Steve Gould, the bag was left by Lady Lucan, who left a note asking for them to be sold in the week of the scandalous attack.

Mr. Gould said: "She left them here and we forgot all about them. In the refurbishment we found them and it all came back. The golf club was a major part of Lord Lucan's life, as he attended numerous times a week with friends."

Mr. Wilkinson, who now runs the school said: "I met him in 1970 when I started working at the club. I was the guy that booked the people in so I saw him when he arrived and left every day. It was so long ago but he seemed a nice man to me. He was tall and charming.

"He was in the club the day before he disappeared and seemed to be exactly the same as he always was."

Mr. Gould added: "Lord Lucan has been described as having the strongest pair of hands of any member of aristocracy. He was an interesting man and a good golfer."

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