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Is Tiger going to become his own swing coach?

Last month Tiger Woods parted company with swing coach Sean Foley, although nobody was all that surprised by the development seeing as he’d struggled for form and didn’t seem entirely sold on Foley’s ways.

Then earlier this week Tiger was asked his thoughts on hiring a new coach, to which he replied: “Am I looking for a new coach? As of right now, no, I'm not. Right now I'm just trying to get physically better, stronger, faster, more explosive.”

However, on Thursday Woods posted a message on his official website stating there is “no hard-and-set” rule or timeframe for when he expects to hire a new swing coach.

He went on to say: “As for my coaching situation, there is no hard-and-set rule on this. I may just do it on my own. I'm keeping my options very, very open. I need to get healthy first before I start back and see how I feel. That's the No. 1 concern. And from there, then I can start deciding where I want to go with it.”

Woods also explained that he’s relying on Notah Begay, his former teammate at Stanford and a longtime friend, to help him decide the next step in his career.

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