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HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer – The coolest way to keep warm

Trekking through the heart of winter, we’re always looking for ways to stay warm on the golf course. Fortunately HotRox has a solution: its ultra-popular and effective electronic hand warmer – designed to keep hands or any other part of your body nice and toasty when the weather is far from pleasant.

HotRox electronic hand warmers are ideal for golfers as they keep hands warm between rounds. They offer two distinct heat settings (medium - 39°C or high - 44°C) and can last for three hours, or six hours when used with the Heat Bag.

Everything you need to use this brilliant little gadget comes neatly packed in the box, including a USB charge lead, USB UK mains adaptor and instruction for how to get the most out of the Heat Bag.

So for instant heat at the flick of a switch for up to six hours, HotRox is the perfect solution for driving away the chill. The end of cold hands is only a HotRox away!

The HotRox electronic hand warmer is one of our most popular products and comes highly recommended by many of our loyal customers. Why not give it a try and see if you benefit from a blast of warmth on the coldest of golf days.

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