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Harrington Uses Belly Putter

Who would have guessed Padraig Harrington would switch to a belly putter? The Irishman, and Royal & Ancient ambassador, is opposed to the anchored stroke and still believes it should be banned for the good of the game, but he's willing to use it while it's still legal for the good of his game, which is not very good. He shot 80.

Despite being one of the most outspoken advocates of the upcoming ban on belly and broomhandle putters Harrington, 41, a three-time major champion, practiced with a belly putter recently and used it for the first time in competition at Quail Hollow Golf Club. Unfazed by his horror opening round Padraig said he would consider sticking with a belly putter until the proposed ban on anchored strokes comes into effect in 2016.

"The R&A and USGA support the rules of golf and [anchoring] is well within the rules," Harrington said at Quail Hollow. "I think [anchoring] is bad for the game of golf. But if something's going to help me for the next three and a half years I'm going to use it”.

You’ve got to love his honesty. He doesn’t like he thing but he’s prepared to give it a go if it will help his game. There’s been some talk of a U-Turn on Harrington’s behalf but he’s stayed true to his word about his distaste for a belly putter but stuck to his guns of wanting to win golf tournaments. So all the sniggering seems unfair. One can only imagine the depths of despair he must have plumbed in recent months, even years, to make this week's remarkable about-face possible.

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