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Graham DeLaet talks PUMA Golf clothing and why he loves the brand

A few months ago some questions were posed to Canadian golfer Graeme DeLaet which ranged from his personal life through to his love of ice hockey and golf. However, the most revealing part of his interview, which was conducted by Trendy Golf Magazine, also managed to shed some light on the players feelings towards PUMA Golf and the reasons he chose to represent the brand. Here are some of his answers:

When asked what his favourite fashion trends were:

Fashion is definitely important to my image and lifestyle both on and off the course. During my play on the course, I like to wear apparel that is colourful and represents my image as “loud and proud.” That’s why PUMA Golf is such a great fit for me – the apparel is not only great representation of my style on the course, but it also incorporates high-level performance logistics and materials.

When asked what his favourite colour is:

One of the great things about PUMA Golf apparel is that it lets me stay true to my Canadian heritage. I’d have to say my favourite colour scheme to wear is my red and white combinations on “Canadian Sundays.”

When asked whether colour or fabric was more important:

Both are important to me. At the end of the day, it’s about your game and fabrics are a vital part of that. Feeing good on the course also ties into how I’m displaying myself to the world.

Did PUMA Golf “haze” him when he signed?

(Laughs). There wasn’t any hazing. The entire PUMA Golf team is extremely hospitable. It feels great to be part of such an amazing group of people and a high-level brand…The day I announced signing with PUMA Golf, I got a Twitter message from Rickie Fowler welcoming me to the team.

When asked if he preferred stripes or patterns on his attire:

(Without hesitation) Stripes!

When asked if he liked to wear PUMA clothing away from the golf course:

For sure. PUMA has a really great selection of apparel for high performance sports like golf, but their leisure apparel lines are also really comfortable and stylish – which fits me perfectly!

When asked for one of his favourite PUMA Golf clothing items worn this season:

PUMA Golf Tech Style Trousers

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Information credited to Trendy Golf