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Golf Hovercrafts Are Here

Since the days of hitting small wooden balls around a field evolution in golf has gone on at a rapid pace. Now it it’s the turn of the humble golf buggy to get the makeover treatment with the BW1 hovercraft golf cart.

Commissioned by famed sunglasses-maker Oakley and pro golfer Bubba Watson the futuristic golf cart floats gracefully across golf courses, over sand traps and water.

The nifty machine made by Neoteric Hovercraft could be a real asset for golf courses. It produces no tire marks and less pressure on fairways and greens than a human in a set of spikes.

Like many innovations this step up in technology doesn’t come cheap. The prototype Bubba is whizzing around on cost around £16,500 to make. But these things tend to come down in price when the tech get’s optimised so maybe your average hacker may be able to ‘fly’ around in one sooner than you think.