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Golf could be getting a HOLE lot easier

Playing golf might be a ‘hole’ lot easier in the near future – as golf courses across the pond in the USA have started rolling out 15-inch holes on the putting green.

The holes will be boosted in size from 4 inches to 15 inches in a pilot scheme set to be trialled at 100 courses around the country in the hopes that it will improve players’ scores, increase the speed of the game and encourage more novices to take up the sport.

About the size of an average (depending on how greedy you are!) pizza, the new holes have received the backing of Ted Bishop, president of the Professional Golfers Association of America.

Bishop said: “We’ve got to stop scaring people away from golf by telling them that there is only one way to play the game.”

The Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia, is preparing to install the 15-inch holes, with top players Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose playing on the new course during a promotional event held last month.

“A 15in hole could help junior golfers, beginning golfers and older golfers score better, play faster and like golf more,” Garcia enthused.

Doug Hawley, managing director of the Redwoods Golf Course in Langley, British Colombia, Canada, has expressed his intensions of allowing the holes to be placed on the greens. He told CBC News: “Younger folks just don't think it’s cool.

“Golf hasn't really grown. It hasn't really declined. It's just staying stable.

“If you can take out some of the frustration out the game ... the more relaxed they are, the more they'll enjoy their day, and the more they'll want to come back.”