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Golf Buggy Available, Must Have Wedge Of Cash

Luxury golf cart maker Garia has teamed up with car customisers Mansory for the limited edition ‘Currus’ model. If Batman hit the links this is what he’d drive.

Featuring such opulent details like a genuine leather dashboard, custom crafted seats, and carbon fibre body panels; the Mansory Currus from Garia is also street legal in Europe. It’s electric drive train wil let you go an impressive 37mph, which means you can go right from the golf course to your house without getting out.

‘And how much will this set me back?’ We hear you ask. A not inconsiderable £70,000. Granted it’s pricey for a golf buggy, in fact you could by a VW Golf and a Dune buggy with enough change to by…another VW golf and another Dune buggy. But it’s not being pitched at everyone.

In fact the vehicle will be limited to a production run of seven, so if you haven’t got that kind of money lying around you can see it at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. And if you can’t make it to Geneva you can see it everytime you close you’re eyes because the chances are you’ll only ever own it in your dreams.