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Go barking mad with new Dirty Dog Sunglasses range at OnlineGolf

Dirty Dog Sunglasses – serious eyewear for seriously dirty people – as they like to say – has arrived at OnlineGolf for all our customers to enjoy.

Who is Dirty Dog?

Dirty Dog is an Australian company that makes sunglasses which not only look great but perform great too. Made with a ton of technology and fashion aesthetics for an ultra-reliable and stylish look on the greens, Dirty Dog Sunglasses are some of the most comfortable frames on the market for athletes. Made from lightweight materials, they work with the player to make sure their eyes are always protected both in warm and cold weather.

Dirty Dog Sunglasses? What am I getting?

Dirty Dog offers golfers the best possible protection for their eyes, including:

Colour Clarity – Accurate colour for enhanced sight perception

Glare Block – Dirty Dog Polarised lenses block out 100% of reflected glare for the best possible vision on the greens

Distortion Free – Precision curved lenses for crystal-clear views

Contrast – Enhanced levels of contrast for the sharpest definition

Eye Comfort – 4 UV filters reduce eye fatigue

Weight – Mounded from superior lite weight materials that are ideal for sports and comfort

Excellent Protection – Protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays

Strength – Dirty Dog’s advanced lens technology has created stronger lenses which makes them safer and less susceptible to damage

Dirty Dog lens clarity

Dirty Dog lenses consist of layer upon layer of advanced technology expertly bonded together to maximise UV protection and enhance the clarity of your vision for safe and durable wear every time. The lens itself contains 4 UV filters for the best UV blockage. All Dirty Dog sunglasses lenses are treated with two specially developed hard coatings to make the lenses highly scratch resistant and prevent the deterioration of lens clarity.

Whether you’re playing home or abroad, in the sunshine or a snowstorm, it’s always a good idea to wear good eyewear, and Dirty Dog Sunglasses are very good dogs indeed!

Check out the brand new Dirty Dog Sunglasses range at OnlineGolf now.

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