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FootJoy Golf’s popular WeatherSof Glove turns 25 this year

It was launched in 1990 and is worn today by 2 out of every 10 golfers. I think it’s safe to say that FootJoy’s WeatherSof golf gloves are one of the biggest success stories in golfing history.

In a saturated marketplace where brands fights tooth and nail for every penny, it’s funny how a golf glove which started its life way back in the early 90’s could still possibly be enchanting golfers around the world – but it is.

FootJoy’s WeatherSof was an inspiration when it hit the shelves, offering players a unique experience of comfort and performance unlike anything else at the time. The genius was, of course, in the design. The WeatherSof golf glove has a microfibre feel which looks like leather and performs like synthetic combined with high durability thanks to a leather palm and thumb.

FootJoy has been making golf gloves a long time, spanning as far back as another range which is still running strong today, the StaSof glove. But players, both pro and amateur alike, have always had a soft spot for the WeatherSof…maybe because the WeatherSof has always been so soft to them.

In a world where the next best thing is only five minutes away it’s refreshing to congratulate a company that’s managed to keep their product not just relevant but necessary. It’s a testament to FootJoy Golf that people want them to keep making something which came out before the internet was invented and before reality television occupied many lives. So here at OnlineGolf we give a huge round of applause to FootJoy, and we wish the WeatherSof Glove a happy 25th birthday later this year.