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Find the core with Nike's new RZN Black Golf Balls

Reach the core with Nike's newest golf ball, the RZN Black. Anything you can't do with these golf balls simply isn't worth doing!

Synonymous with impressive design and ultra-satisfying quality, Nike has revamped its popular 20XI golf balls with RZN core technology, taking it to another level with these stunning RZN Black Golf Balls. This magnificent golf ball offers Tour Performance with Lower-Spin Distance for greater shot achievements when used by low to mid handicap golfers.

A new spin-optimised coating on the outer surface of the golf ball helps grip the grooves for better control on iron and wedge shots. It also has softer cover and softer compression in the core, which results in improved sound and feel which comes in especially useful on off-centre shots. Lighter RZN core and heavier outer layer results in the highest level of MOI for more stable golf ball flight, even in crosswinds. The RZN Golf Ball is 10% lighter than the conventional rubber.

Get the most from Nike RZN Core Technology

The Nike Golf RZN Black Golf Balls have built on the success of the 20XI and incorporated new, innovative Speedlock RZN core technology. Core technology which is used in the RZN Golf Balls benefit from an interlocking core design that interlocks with the compression layer to form tighter bonds and help create better energy transfer through the layers upon impact. This amazing technology helps to eliminate the slipping which normally occurs between traditional, smooth-surface core and the outer layer for faster golf ball speeds, longer distance and more stability.

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