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Fife golfer sinks the world’s longest short putt

It’s an up-and-down the likes of which the world has never seen before, a putt so outrageously brilliant it has golfers around the world talking – and probably trying to replicate it.

The magnificent putt occurred on the ninth hole at Elie Golf Course in the East Neuk, where golfer Greg Walker appeared to spurn his chance of an easy three-foot putt for par.

However, what happens next is simply incredible. The player attempts to achieve an (almost) impossible trick shot where he takes what he calls “the scenic route” by putting off the green, up a slope and then watching as the golf ball rolls back down and into the hole. Astonishing!

The now-famous trick shot has already been viewed by almost 800,000 people on YouTube, with the video also popping up on many golf-related websites, including the PGA’s own site and of course right here at OnlineGolf.

Gordon Fleming, secretary of the largest of the four golf clubs which frequent the Elie Golf Course, The Golf House Club, said he had received a flurry of emails about the putt.

“My son showed me the clip on YouTube last week and at that point it hadn’t quite gone viral but I’ve had a few emails over the last few days,” he said. “It’s an amazing shot. I’ll not be trying it in the next Medal competition, but might have a wee practice.”

Not everyone was so positive about the video, however, with several posters suggesting the putt had more to do with luck or video editing.

One poster blazed: “That appears to be a poor job of video editing, if you enlarge it you can see a bit of a ‘halo’ around the ball as it is coming back to the hole. That’s a tell-tale sign of being a fake.”

The ninth hole at Elie, named Martin’s Bay after a fisherman who dried his nets there, is a 440-yard par four.

So, what do you think about the video? Did he really achieve a near-impossible putt, or was underhanded tactics implemented to fool the golfing world? Check out the video below and make your own conclusions…