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English golfer splits his trousers at US PGA Championship

It would be embarrassing enough for your trousers to split while walking down the street or shopping at the supermarket, but when it’s in front of a huge crowd at one of golf’s biggest major events, that’s got to leave a mental scar.

English golfer Chris Wood of Bristol suffered what can only be described as a very unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on the first day of the 96th US PGA Championship at Valhalla when the 26-year-old ripped a 10 inch rip up his trousers while bending down to line up a putt.

It was the only blemish on what was a good day for Wood; he lit up the course with an opening score of 66, drawing level with Rory McIlroy in joint second place.

Speaking about the moment he probably wished a bunker had appeared under his feet and swallowed him whole, Wood said: “They were tailored as well so I’ll be taking them back. They tore right in the place you don’t want them to.

“Unfortunately the crowd on the 12th tee are right behind where I was teeing off so they could see my underpants.

“We weren’t sure what was allowed under the Rules of Golf so we asked if we could borrow Johan’s waterproofs, but they were obviously a little bit short.”

Playing partner Johan Kok is 6ft 2in and Wood is 6ft 6in.

“I put them on at the 13th tee, but it’s 85 degrees and I’m wearing trousers and waterproofs,” Wood said.

“So halfway down the 13th I nipped behind the Golf Channel studio and took the trousers off and just wore the waterproofs.

“Thankfully by the 17th my manager had been back to the hotel and got another pair from my room.”

“It’s the most embarrassed I have ever been on the golf course and I am sure I will take a bit of stick for it, but it’s my best round in a major in America.”

We hope that Chris Wood is able to recover from this setback and “rips” up the turf when he plays again on Friday.

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