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Check out the longest usable golf club in the world!

They say that size isn’t everything, and this might just prove the theory right!

This is the world’s longest usable golf club, a sheer beast of a thing when lofted overhead. However, although it might be more than 14 feet long, this “super-sized” club will only drive the golf ball around 5-iron distance.

“Many years ago I was thinking about what kind of world record I could do, and by coincidence I found that there was one in South Africa that had the world’s longest usable golf club, and I think I can do better,” said Karsten Mass, who appears in the latest edition of the Guinness World Records.

Karsten adds that the 14-and-a-half-foot club is made out of similar materials to that used in typical golf clubs. “My challenge was that it has to be light and it has to be swift, so that I can swing it with control,” he said.

“When other golfers see it they are looking a lot and thinking if that at all is possible to hit with a club like this,” Maas said, “but it is and it’s funny.”

Check out this video of the golf club below: