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Callaway Golf’s Brooke Pancake signs sponsorship deal with Waffle House

Let’s not sugar coat it, Callaway Golf’s Brooke Pancake has landed a sweet deal with American food chain Waffle House.

In a move which is both apt and rather amusing, Pancake will tour Waffle House restaurants throughout the US as she travels on the LPGA, while also carrying the sponsors logo on her golf bag.

Waffle House will be one of Brooke's main sponsors during the 2015 season.

“Growing up in Chattanooga, I’ve always been a Waffle House fan,” Pancake said in a press release. “And to be quite honest, I prefer waffles over pancakes anyway.”

Pancake is now enjoying her third year on the LPGA and is in good form using an array of Callaway equipment to hone her skills on the green.

Waffle House President and CEO Walt Ehmer, said: “This will be the first time that the Waffle Nation will be cheering for a Pancake,” he said.

What a sweet deal!