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11 brands at OnlineGolf you need to try

Tucked away behind the Nike shirts and TaylorMade equipment, or sandwiched between the latest Mizuno offers and Cobra products, is a wealth of golf brands waiting to be explored.

Here we list 11 golf brands available at OnlineGolf that deserve your attention.

Cutter & Buck

“Our mission has always been, and continues to be, to provide our customers with seamless transitions between working days, busy weekends, playtime, and nighttime.”

Cutter & Buck was seen as a trailblazing brand when it began making clothing which looked just as good at home as it did on the golf course – and to this day the pride taken in every detail is clear for all to see.

OnlineGolf has some of the best Cutter & Buck clothing on the market, including polo shirts, sweaters and beanie hats, all at excellent prices.

Dwyers & Co

“Dating back to my great (x3) Grandfather James Dwyer, the Dwyer family has been involved in clothing. It's a pretty special connection we have and we're very proud of our heritage.”

Established in 1820, James Dwyer, a dairy farmer in County Tipperary, made a life-changing decision to herd his cattle south to Cork after feeling a change was needed in his life. Selling his herd and setting up a haberdashery business in town was the catalyst to the high-quality clothing you see at OnlineGolf today.

Dwyers & Co has a wonderful selection of comfortable golf wear, including smart golf trousers that are perfect for a day on the greens.


“A whole new generation of men throughout the world are drawn to the Brand’s history and inspired to discover the distinct look for themselves.”

Farah was established in the US in 1920 before making its trip across the pond to the UK in the 1970’s where it reached a cult status that still exists today. It was must-have attire for Britain’s youth – the sharply tailored clothing becoming a fashion statement for all the Mods, Skins, Stickmen and Rocker-Billy’s.

With Farah sweaters, polo shirts, trousers and shorts all available at OnlineGolf, every male golfer can look and feel like a sophisticated player.


“For 25 years now, the success of GOLFINO has been based on the combination of sophisticated design and functionality. The consistent use of performance fabrics consisting of new high-tech materials, which are always impeccably processed, ensures that the carefully coordinated outfits are ideal for the golf course and cut a great figure in the city, too. The blend of elegance, authentic style and sportiness defines the design concept even today.”

Designed for women golfers seeking outstanding style and comfort, Golfino is a one-stop shop for a variety of fashionable clothing. Established in 1986, Golfino is the market leader in Europe for golf wear and prides itself on clothing collection which invoke stylish, comfort and functionality, while protecting the wearer from adverse weather conditions.

Golfino has a huge collection of clothing at OnlineGolf, including stylish caps, snazzy trousers, smart shirts, cooling shorts and even socks!

Hugo Boss

“HUGO stands for progressive looks and an edgy, urban attitude. The brand combines these qualities with its roots in traditional tailoring, fusing classic sartorial art with fresh shapes and creative details.”

Hugo Boss epitomises authentic, understated comfort and luxury which effortlessly brings sporty outwear and smart appeal together in a fusion of total comfort and performance. Hugo Boss transcends simple attire to delivery distinctive looks that are dynamic in design and impactful in colour.

Check out the Hugo Boss range at OnlineGolf, which includes stylish vests, polo shirts and shorts.


“We’ve been making and selling golf trolleys for over 25 years. We’re long term golf nuts who look at a lovely piece of scenery and mentally turn it into par 3′s and tricky doglegs. Golf is very much in our blood.”

In their own words, GoKart is on a mission to create the perfect trolley. Now we could argue this and say they’ve already come pretty close to achieving that goal, but this way they’ll keep on making bigger and better trolleys and we can keep on reaping the benefits of their genius on the golf course.

GoKart has been working with golf trolleys for the last 25 years and in that time have produced some startlingly nice stuff. From electric trolleys and lithium electric trolleys through to golf bags that accommodate all your golf clubs, GoKart has made a huge contribution to the golfing world, with many top professionals now using their products while on Tour.

Rife Golf

“Our focus is on infusing performance driven design with our patented Roll Groove Technology, and the distinct quality of our materials.”

Rife Golf is one of the premier golf equipment manufacturers. With a rich history packed with successes and a catalogue of superior putters, Rife are a truly innovative brand that performs like nothing you’ve ever used before.

Rife putters are available at OnlineGolf, including the newest addition to the Rife Golf family, the Switchback Putter.


“We guide and serve athletes on their journey to be their personal best with innovative products, technologies and knowledge.”

SKLZ believe in helping to support the health of athletes all over the world by creating products to keep men, women and children active even when away from the golf course. The brand has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating clever new ways to improve fitness levels and testament to this is their exhaustive range of training aids and equipment.

SKLZ training aids are available at OnlineGolf now, with putting aids, practice nets and training aids among our best sellers.


“With a passion for golf and a close working relationship with manufacturers to offer the very best prices for golf course navigation, players can save a few pennies for the 19th hole.”

Shotsaver was launched as a specialist Golf Course Satellite Navigation and Accessory supplier on the back of a very successful relationship over many years retailing Snooper Satellite Navigation Systems. Since then the company has branched out and now has a place at OnlineGolf, in which we stock a wide selection of Shotsaver GPS devices, rangefinders and watches.


“Our desire for perfection is limitless, as we continue to explore the boundaries of new production materials and eye protection. In an increasingly competitive world, the dream of offering the very best is now a reality.”

Bloc was established in 1988 with the creation of Bloc eyewear – fuelling a revolution in sports and fashion eyewear across the globe which blew apart the notion that perfection was only achievable by paying excessive prices.

Bloc uses its 20 years’ experience to design and manufacture new product ideas to always remain a step ahead of its competition. With a strong focus on inspiring the wearer, Bloc has made some of the best eye-protecting and fashionable sunglasses the golfing world has ever seen.

With the golf courses – and the weather – hotting up, why not view the Bloc Golf sunglasses we have available to purchase now.

Royal & Awesome

"Outstanding designs and quality manufacturing for a good price are a given. It’s what they add to your golf experience that decides whether they are truly awesome. Will you have more fun, meet more people, sink more putts, sink more drinks? Yes, yes, no, probably."

Royal & Awesome has brought the feel-good factor back into golf attire, and that's why we want everyone to know about them. It's all about fun according to Royal & Awesome, but their quality is 100% serious. Made from high grade cotton, the clothing is breathable, comfortable and will stand up to the punishment of a full 18 holes. Plus you also get a bit extra when purchasing a pair of golf trousers, which have tee holders, tour slit and a multi purpose tool – pitch mark repairer, ball marker and bottle opener! How AWESOME is that!

Don't be a wallflower - buy some Royal & Awesome today and look super brilliant on the golf course in a flattering range of trousers, shorts and caps! You know you want to...

All these golf brands, plus many more, are available at OnlineGolf right now!