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The OnlineGolf 2018 Buyers Guide to Golf Club Accessories

Golf club accessories are used often on the golf course for many reasons, chief among them being for protection, either for themselves or for their golf equipment.

This guide to buying golf club accessories will provide you with everything a player needs to get the very best from their new – and old – equipment.

Golf Towels

Golf towels allow players to cool down on the golf course when golfing under a hot sun, while also serving as a great way to keep all your equipment clean during a round. Golf towels will also help to reduce slipping on the hands, as well as help to slow long-term damage to club heads. Golf towels are hugely popular accessories which every golfer should have in their bag this year.

A selection of our best golf towels include the Callaway Golf Rogue Towel, Motocaddy Trolley Towel, Under Armour Golf Towel, TaylorMade Microfiber Players Towel, Cobra Golf Microfibre Towel, PING Ladies Tri-Fold and PGA Tour Towel and Brush Set. You can also check out our full range of golf towels to find the ideal product for your game.

Club Accessories

Cleaning Products

Keep golf clubs clean from ground-in dirt with a cleaning product specially designed for golf clubs. By using cleaning products specially made for golf equipment, you can assure clubs remain in tip-top condition on the greens, while working the grooves and crevices with a specially-designed brush can make a huge difference to both the longevity and quality of your equipment.

You can view our entire golf cleaning range now, or take a look at some of our favourite cleaning products, including the Masters Golf Optimiser Club Cleaner, Masters Golf 3-In-1 Club Cleaner, FootJoy Shoe Care Kit, BiteBack Groove Sharpener, Groove Caddy Club Cleaner, Clicgear Trolley Shoe and Club Cleaner and Masters Golf Ball Cleaner and Tee Holder and FootJoy Canvas Shoe Care Kit.

Head Covers

Clubs which have the protection of a head cover will last longer than those left to the elements, while knocking heads with other clubs in the same bag can also cause some serious damage. So a good quality head cover can make a huge difference to extending the life of the clubs in a bag.

Head covers offer excellent protection for drivers, fairways, putters and irons, and are made by some of the biggest golf brands on the market. A selection of our most popular head covers includes the TaylorMade Leather Putter Cover, Odyssey Camouflage Blade Head Cover, PING Knitted Fairway Wood Head Cover, Masters Golf Neoprene Iron Covers, Callaway Golf Vintage Driver Head Cover, emoji Club Head Cover, Callaway Golf Iron Covers, Masters Golf Retro Hybrid Head Cover, Daphnes Fox Head Cover, Odyssey Fighter Plane Blade Head Cover. You can view the full range of golf head covers today at OnlineGolf and start protecting your clubs for longer-lasting performances.

You can view the full range of golf head covers today at OnlineGolf and start protecting your clubs for longer-lasting performances.