6 Common Golfing Gripes and How to Get Around Them!

We all get pretty passionate about our favourite sports, and for us golf fans, there are more than a few common annoyances that can really drive us mad!

We spoke to our golfing community to see what really grinds their gears about televised golf, and decided to put together some creative ways of resolving a few of their pet hates.

If you find yourself getting angry with any of the following golfing crimes, we're here for you!

1.    Tired of spectators crowding around the golf ball?

Try proximity exploding paint golf balls.

When the crowd gets within a certain distance of the ball, they'll have more than just mud on their face.

2.    If crowding is still an issue...

Try electric fences instead.

If the paint doesn't do the trick, then this will quite literally shock pesky onlookers into keeping their distance.

3.    Too many animals getting in the way of the game?

Animal guards can see to that.

Never let a wandering duck interrupt your play again.

4.    If there are too many stupid outfits distracting you from the game...

Call in the fashion police.

fashion police
Because some golfing attire is truly a crime.

5.    Tired of tech? You're not the only one.

Send out electromagnetic disturbances with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) generator.

electromagnetic 1
electromagnetic 2
electromagnetic 3
Any irritating gadget-users will be gone in a flash.

6.    Shouty spectators: the biggest annoyance of all.

See if guard towers will silence them.

shouty spectators 1
shouty spectators 2
shouty spectators 3
Shouting during a game really puts players off, so don't stand for such nonsense.

Here's a breakdown of the top golfing gripes from the Online Golf community:

  • People shouting to put off the players - 53%
  • People crowding around the ball on the fairway/green - 33%
  • Use of gadgets and technology - 16%
  • People picking up stray golf balls - 10%
  • Stupid clothes - 9%
  • Animals stopping play or getting in the way - 4%

Don't let a golfing grievance stand between you and your love of the game. This is a sport that demands the best behaviour, and we hope these suggestions will keep golf fans in line.

If bad etiquette is ruining your game and you need to share some suggestions with any offending golfers, our top tips for maintaining etiquette on the course can help you preserve decorum.

Got any other golf annoyances to share with us, or tips for solving the problem? Get in touch!