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Bushnell Golf Excel GPS Watch

The Bushnell Golf Excel GPS Watch has been designed to make golf simple.

The colour screen provided by the watch offers players accurate distance measurements and golf course navigation. Bushnell has made this its most accurate golf watch to date, coming in a stylish design with industry-leading rechargeable battery that lasts for three rounds of golf on a full charge.

The Bushnell GPS Watch comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities; allowing golfers to use the Bushnell Golf App to access wireless updates and receive call, messaging and calendar notifications straight to your wrist-mounted device.

This amazing GPS golf watch comes pre-loaded with 35,000 golf courses in 30 countries, Auto Course Recognition, front/centre/back of green and Hazard Distance Measurements, and smartphone notifications.

The Bushnell Golf Excel GPS Watch is available now from OnlineGolf.