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Review: Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Driver

The curtain has been lifted and a shiny new driver with some familiar branding emblazoned on its head has been revealed…Callaway Golf’s Great Big Bertha.

Fans of the big Bertha range will be positively stoked by this driver, which offers the most forgiving and distance-enriching capabilities ever seen.

The Great Big Bertha increases golf ball speeds and refines shot-shaping along with delivering maximum forgiveness and distance that’s second to none.

Those who already love everything Big Bertha – and those who are new either the brand or the range – will love the driver’s R*MOTO Technology. Utilising a thinner face to produce higher ball speeds on both centre and off-centre hits, the driver’s Adjustable Perimeter Weighting increases stability at the same time as offering an almost unlimited number of draw and fade fitting options.

The Great Big Bertha equals maximum dispersion control and forgiveness to help keep every players’ shots straighter and longer.

But all the above technology does not mean Callaway has been forced to take anything away from this driver. In fact, it’s all still here – most notably Callaway’s Optifit Hosel, which allows for 8 different configurations to tune loft, lie and face angle.

“The combined key technologies of the Great Big Bertha, married to simple adjustability, will unlock previously unseen performance for all levels of golfer, allowing everyone the opportunity to increase driver distance without having to compromise playability,” explains Dr. Alan Hocknell, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Callaway Golf.

Chip Brewer, Callaway’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The original Great Big Bertha was iconic, it was the driver to own. The new Great Big Bertha will create a similar legacy, it will step-change performance for everyone.”

The Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha is available from 18th September. Because when you’ve got a Great Big Bertha in your bag, you’ll “leave no yard behind.”