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All Hail the KING

Cobra Golf. is set for a coronation of the highest order as it introduce the new KING LTD Driver.

Featuring an awesome new SpacePort design which allows players a crystal clear look into the internal workings of the club head, the new KING LTD has been specially crafted with the help of the Centre for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and a materials science research study that took place on the International Space Station.

Further, the SpacePort design in the sole of the KING LTD was actually inspired by the Space Station’s observation platform!

The SpacePort, which consists of a 16g Aerospace grade aluminium dual-purpose translucent weight, is held in place by a rather unique Spiralock thread technology that is able stand up to the abuse of any golfers’ swing without ever loosening. Not even an inch.

When the port is removed, golfers are able to peek into the interior of the clubhead and view a variety of technologies including the 811 Titanium E9 face, the low CG hosel and carbon fibre crown.

The combination of lightweight crown (because a king has to have a crown!) and 28g of total weight in and around the SpacePort allowed Cobra Golf engineers to position the CG in an ultra-low and deep part of the clubhead for improved launch and spin conditions. The port also makes exact swing-weight tuning possible through the use of a 0-12g Tungsten weight.

“The KING COBRA franchise is synonymous with the brands’ heritage. Now, the new KING LTD driver is the next generation of product under the KING COBRA name, building upon the legacy created by COBRA Founder, Tom Crow, in 1990,” explained Tom Olsavsky, VP Research & Development COBRA Golf.

“We knew that if we were going to reintroduce the KING Cobra it had to be something much more advanced and special, incorporating innovative technologies that would only surpass its’ legacy. And we are confident we did that with the KING LTD driver; it is truly game-changing for golfers and fit for a KING.”

The King will be making its triumphant return to OnlineGolf soon, so keep checking back for updates on this exciting driver.