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Review: Mizuno Golf JPX850 Irons

One thing you should remember when holding the new Mizuno Golf JPX850 irons in your hands is that it’s all about distance with feel. And while Mizuno are saying they aren’t making a lot of noise about their latest creation, they most certainly should be.

For starters, the Power Frame that makes up the chassis of the head is larger, thus increasing the area that the thinner face can stretch across. This in turn increases the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) or spring-like effect of the face to levels Mizuno admit make them faster than the legal limit of drivers – which apparently is fine and the rulebook seems to agree. So there you go.

For a cast iron, the Mizuno feels really rather good, and the sound it makes upon impact is similar to the JPX825. So if you liked the slightly clicky sound of those, then these will probably send your ears to heaven.

So how does it look aesthetically? Does it please? Yes, it does – on a few levels. Firstly, the new blue cavity badge graphics are absolutely gorgeous, and it’s clear the colours and design have been worked on over a period of time and not just thrown together when the more important stuff was finished. The other main visual change is the sole where the camber grind on the previous model had been replaced with a cut-away ‘Dual Relief Zone’ style to make the sole play a little narrower. This, too, works incredibly well on the greens.

Gone is the black finish of the JPX825, replaced with a brush steel look which continues into the cavity, and although it does look like a cleaner model now and perhaps more of what you would expect from a Mizuno iron, it’s still a little jarring to see it changed.

With all the extra weight now pushed back, the additional speed gives way to a nice high flight, so for golfers struggling to get their irons up into the air, these irons will feel like coming home.

Confidence is one of the only things a player won’t find in any shop or online store, so it’s imperative they find it in their golf clubs. Fortunately these irons will inspire more than enough confidence as the thick top lines and generous head size frame the golf ball at address ready for you to launch at them. For a mid-handicapper iron, the large head size works a treat and Mizuno has managed to balance the need for size without going down the ‘chunky’ route.

Overall there’s certainly improvements to be found with the JPX850 when stood astride the previous model as it looks sharper and can penetrate the air so much more effectively. It’s a more playable golf club, and that’s going to be important for all players.

The Mizuno Golf JPX850 Irons are ideal for mid handicap golfers who want a larger, more forgiving head that doesn’t have a large offset on the hosel.

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