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Review: PING Golf i200 Steel Irons

The PING i200 Steel Irons equip golfers with one of the most impressive and immersive golf iron sets to ever grace the greens.

The PING i200 Steel Irons can be found in bags of golfers all over the world, and have been highlighted on many occasions to drastically improve their performances on the golf course. The i200 irons are best suited for mid-high handicap golfers, although more experienced players will also find lots to love here, too.

These irons have an elasticated elastomer that produces a solid feel and sound upon impact by utilising deep pockets housed in soft, elastomer inserts. This “activates” at impact to produce more damping behind the clubface, so you can hit better, more accurate shots.

The thinner, hotter face increases golf ball speed for greater distances from almost anywhere on the greens, and this thanks to it having a face thickness of .091”, and being 30% thinner than an iron which creates more face flexing and energy transfer.

Re-distributed weight helps increase MOI by 7% when put up against similar irons, while the weight savings from the 30% thinner face have been re-allocated to the hosel and toe regions--expanding its perimeter weighting into a more workable position.

Finally, there’s the playable sole, which provides players with greater levels of control and forgiveness by offering higher lead edge and more bounce improvement during turf interaction. The hydropearl finish lowers friction between club and turf as well, making these golf irons incredibly easy to play.

The PING i200 Steel Irons are available now at OnlineGolf.