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Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 Putter Series

Welcome to the next generation of putting.

The second generation I-lock Technology engineered for the Wilson Staff Vizor™ Level 2 Putters improve alignment of every shot by ensuring the players eye stays positioned directly over the line of the putt, while also aiding in making a more consistent stroke. The new, softer urethane face insert provides excellent sound and feel as well as improving roll.

Second Generation – First Class Performance

The Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 Putter has an improved frosted silver head finish coupled with refined edges and detailing to provide players with a modern, appealing look straight from your golf bag.

Softer Feel

The new urethane insert is softer for improved feel and roll off the face, and is tuned to accommodate the hardness of a golf ball. Every putt rolls smooth and lands soundly, giving players more opportunity to achieve lower scores.

I-Lock Technology

I-Lock Technology has been implemented to provide players with a visual reminder when the eyes are over the target line for a more consistent setup, alignment and stroke. It’s easy to master so you can make the transition from practice greens to golf course right away.

The Wilson Staff Vizor™ Level 2 Putter Series will give you more confidence on the golf course, and is available now from