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Review: Fly-Z Irons set to soar for Cobra Golf

As part of the expanded line of the Fly-Z family, Cobra Golf has announced it will be releasing Fly-Z Irons, said to be engineered for golfers of all levels and able to deliver superior feel, maximum distance and excellent consistency on every shot.

“The Fly-Z family of irons is designed to provide performance for golfers of all levels by addressing a wide span of performance needs,” explained Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing at COBRA Golf. “Our two game-changing irons, the Fly-Z and Fly-ZXL irons were designed to blend distance with feel while offering forgiveness and consistency.”

Cobra Golf has borrowed a little from the Fly-Z line of metalwoods to give the irons revolutionary Speed Channel technology – a visible trench positioned on both the cavity behind the face as well as on the sole of the irons. It has been designed to flex and recover at impact, while also delivering superb distance through faster golf ball speeds. The irons modern head shape combined with the Speed Channel makes sure higher speeds across the face yield a combination of distance, forgiveness and feel with each swing of the irons.

Some of the most remarkable feel is said to come from the harmonic cavity insert that includes an engineered Thermoplastic Urethane insert positioned directly behind the impact zone for vibration damping and much improved feel at impact. When combined with extremely deep cavity undercutting and heel and toe weighting (Zone Weighting Technology), Fly-Z Irons are truly game-changers and should sit well with the majority of golfers these clubs are aimed at.

The Fly-Z XL Irons now, and these little beauties are designed to give golfers a confidence boost at address while delivering easy and achievable distance through consistently higher trajectories. The dual hollow cavity design allows for deeper, lower CG that offers easy up and distance. In addition to these advancements, the hollow construction allows for a thinner face that, along with the Speed Channel, is able to bring to the fore additional golf ball speed, incredible distance and even a save on weight. The progressive offset design helps to create easy draw.

Finally, but by no means less important than what has come before it, the Fly-Z XL Combo Set fuses together two different cavity designs. Wedges – 9i incorporate a traditional undercut design for precision and control through the golfer’s hands, while the 8i – 4i feature a dual cavity hollow design that results in low, back centre of gravity enabling player to achieve hits higher and further. The combo set, which includes the dual cavity design hollow and cavity back irons, also include three Fly-Z XL Hybrids that deliver exceptional distance, forgiveness and easy up performance.

The Cobra Fly-Z family, including drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons, will be arriving soon at OnlineGolf. Keep checking back for updates on their release and, don’t forget, we have a huge range of Cobra Golf products available right now, so check out our shop and enjoy better golf today.