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The 2020 OnlineGolf Buyers Guide to Golf Package Sets

A package set helps new golfers to get into the game. Package sets are popular with men, women and junior golfers.

Package sets are predominantly aimed at golfers trying their hand at the game for the first time, so every club is designed to be as easy to hit as possible, while also delivering maximum amounts of forgiveness and distance, thanks to their cavity back and oversized head designs. When looking for something lighter and with an added burst of distance, choose golf clubs with graphite shafts.

This buying guide is designed to give you an in-depth description of package sets: which set is best for your needs? Are they ideal for you? Should you buy a package set over individual clubs? All these questions can be answered below.

Here is a sample of some of the package sets available on the market today including the Callaway Golf Warbird Package Set. The Warbird package has been designed to inspire more confidence for mid-higher handicapper golfers. With large oversize (4-SW) club heads, perimeter weighting and increased sweet spot they deliver an awesome package of forgiveness, performance and maximum distance on the golf course. The oversized attributes of the set provide forgiveness with perimeter weighting that gives the irons a higher launch angle, more distance and more stopping power around the greens. This set of golf clubs provides an amazing performance at a fraction of the usual cost.

There is also the Wilson X31 Package Set which is well thought out and designed with industry-standard components for long-lasting performance. It is perfect for the starter golfer with ball-launching technology to help hit better shots, and confidence-inspiring equipment to make you enjoy your round of golf.

For lady golfers, there is the Cobra Golf XL Speed Package Set to consider. This package offers premium equipment, it includes all the gear you will need to get yourself around the golf course with gear built for success. The package includes lightweight and forgiving clubs to build the confidence of a starter golfer, with speed enhancing engineering to provide more distance from your golf swing.

Package Sets: What’s in the Bag?

Package sets can can come in all sorts of different set make ups depending on which type you’ve selected. Most package sets will include a golf driver, fairway woods, utility club, irons and a putter, plus protective headcovers. It’s a good idea to look at what each package set has to offer, as some will be better equipped than others depending on your needs.

Package Sets for Everyone!

Package sets are available for men, women and junior golfers, in left and right hand variations – so there’s something here for all the family.

Selecting Package Sets

Before picking up a package set, it is a good idea to know how often you will be visiting the golf course or driving range. By appraising how much interest and time you have available for the sport, coupled with knowing whether you will be playing weekly, monthly or only a handful of times per year, should help dictate the ideal package set to get.

Love spending lots of time on the golf course? Getting a top of the range package set will be suitable for players who can’t miss a weekend on the golf course, while more relaxed players may feel more comfortable with a modest set which is of better value.

Steel or Graphite Golf Shafts

The choice between steel or graphite clubs can be made at any time, and will most likely only become an issue once you’ve played golf for an extended period of time. So, for the newer golfers reading this now, you get a free pass on this one!

Graphite golf clubs are much lighter and can help generate swing speed, while steel golf shafts promote different flight characteristics and aimed at faster swing speeds.

Ladies, juniors and seniors are known to benefit more when playing with graphite shafts that have a softer flex, while younger, stronger players might find going with a regular or stiff shaft helps their game better. But, remember to keep in mind the pros say lots of golfers use shafts that are too stiff for their swing speeds, so be wary about falling into this trap as well.

It is recommended that, for all beginners, a standard package set be purchased and then upgraded as confidence grows. That way you can naturally grow at your own pace, rather than having to upgrade just to keep playing regularly.

Package Sets to Consider

The market is flooded with package sets from a multitude of brands, and here at OnlineGolf we pride ourselves on only stocking the best quality brands for every customer. Whether it be ladies, men or junior golfers, we want you to succeed at the game.