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Cobra Golf F-MAX Irons

Take your golf game to the max with Cobra Golf and its latest foray into the irons market with the popular F-MAX range. Available at OnlineGolf, these irons are designed to help you play better—and look good doing it!

The F-MAX Irons have an offset design which helps to square the golf club face more easily upon impact, thus helping you to forget about those frustrating slice shots once and for all.

The irons have an offset design with lightweight configuration to make it much easier to hit golf balls longer, further and truer than ever before.

So, what’s so good about Cobra incorporating an offset design into their golf irons? An offset design helps to square the clubface easier at impact, which helps players to find the fairway without all the hassle.

The irons are designed to help higher handicapper golfers to play better golf, with low and back CG weighting to provide extreme forgiveness on off centre hits. Plus, there is a deep perimeter undercut where weight has been removed from the back of the entire face area to create a large unsupported face. This provides maximum deflection off the face for greater golf ball speeds and MAX distance on the golf course.

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