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Review: Zepp Sensor Swing Analyser

Analyse your own golf swing and find new ways to improve in the easiest way possible – by using the technically-sound Zepp Sensor Swing Analyser. This lightweight device will show your swing path and plane, swing speed, tempo, backswing positions and hip rotation through a simple, easy to process Zepp data app (also available on smartphones or tablets).

Zepp Sensor Swing Analyser Swing Metrics

The Zepp Sensor Swing Analyser is perfect at helping every golfer tune their game to the sweet sound of winning, and here are some of the more useful things this little device can do for you:

Swing Path and Plane: The Swing Analyser will view your golf swing in 3D from any angle so you can accurately compare your backswing against your downswing.

Speed: Track how fast the club head and your hands are travelling through impact with the golf ball, which in turn allows for better judgements to be made on how hard to hit the ball.

Tempo: It can accurately measure the ratio of time it takes for your backswing verses the downswing.

Backswing Position: It will measure the angle of the club shaft at the top of your backswing easily, and with excellent precision.

Hip Rotation: If you place your smartphone securely into the front of back pocket of your trousers, it will also measure how much your hips rotate during swings.

Zepp Sensor Swing Analyser App

This is where the technology stuff gets really exciting! Players can download the Zepp app to review and replay any swing in 360⁰. You will easily spot the strengths and weaknesses of your golf swing, while also being able to compare and share your swing with others and receive helpful tips to help you gain greater experience or hone your individual game.

And now, for the first time ever in golf’s illustrious history, you are able to evaluate the overall quality of each golf swing using a single number. Swing score shows just how closely you are to achieving that personal best swing goal. It uses a nifty colour-coded system to help you easily identify what you are doing well and what needs working on at the practice range.

The Technical Stuff

Size: 28mm x 28mm x 10mm

Weight: 6g

Battery Life: Up to 8 hours

Wireless: Bluetooth 2.1

Get your hands on the Zepp Sensor Swing Analyser today and make the changes necessary to be the best golfer you know you’re capable of being.

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