Hole 5 - Crookit Cratur

A 461 yard par 4, Crookit Cratur is rated the hardest hole on the course, and for good reason. Trees guard both the left and right of the narrow fairway, and a bunker on the left of the green with water on the right make it a very difficult approach. Whilst a drive to the left will offer the best view of the green, anything slightly too far left will get caught in the trees. A safe shot can be played to the right, but the green won’t be visible and you’ll need to hit to the corner.

The fifth hole has a large green, making up for the tough approach. With no obstacles behind the green, it’s better to be too far than too short and into the marsh or the bunker on the left. The green itself isn’t as tough as the previous holes, so aim towards the middle if you’re feeling confident.