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Could Drone Golf be the next big thing?

Imagination is a wonderful gift to possess. It has helped us create some of the most marvellous inventions ever known to mankind. All because someone had an idea and ran with it. Much like John Mendonca and his latest revamping of the game of golf…using drones!

Yes, those popular little robot things that fly through the air and are used for a multitude of asinine tasks such as keeping pigeons away from cornfields and delivering parcels from one place to the next. Well, guess what? Now they’re part of a new golf game, too!

So what exactly is Drone Golf, and should we even care? Although we can’t say whether it’s worth getting excited about just yet, we can at least explain to you what the heck it actually is.

As we’ve already stated, Drone Golf is the invention of a man named John Mendonca, a retired electrician engineer who lives in Las Vegas and has been tinkering with the concept at Las Vegas Country Club. We’re guessing because he ran out of chips at the casinos.

The object of the game is very simple. You equip a drone with a cup big enough to hold a golf ball and then fly it over a golf hole. When you think your drone is directly over the hole, make the drone drop the ball. There's no putting or anything after you drop. Your score is determined by the number of inches your ball comes to rest from the flagstick.

It’s so simple that the game can be summed up with this catchy three-wold slogan: "Fly – drop – win."

"I always loved remote control stuff, and this is even more fun," Mendonca told KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.

Although he is still working to develop the concept of the game further, so fa he’s restricted it to the practice range at Las Vegas Country Club. However, he’s got some radical ideas he hopes to introduce going forward.

"I hope to have a professional drone golf association," he told the TV station, "where people from all around the world can come to compete for prize money."

So, what do you think? Is Drone Golf the future of golf as we know it? Or should this idea be thrown on the metal heap? Check out the video below for more information about this insane yet rather interesting concept.

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