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Amateur golfer accidentally injures Padraig Harrington ahead of PGA tournament

Padraig Harrington has been forced to withdraw from an upcoming PGA event due to suffering one of the more bizarre injuries of his golfing career.

The three-time major winner was struck on the elbow by an amateur golfers practice swing, which was said to be so severe that it drew blood.

Harrington took to social media to reveal that he required six stitches on his elbow after the player he’d been coaching miscued their swing. The injury was initially believed to be so bad that he thought his career as a competitive golfer was over.

Harrington had been standing to the side, shoulder to shoulder to show the amateur how to cure a hook and what the swing should look like, but when Harrington stepped away the man kept swinging.

“He just caught me on the left elbow — middle of the clubface, middle of the elbow,” said Harrington. “I was pretty sure it was broken. Barring me fainting from the shock of pain, once I numbed it up, I couldn’t feel anything”.

The Dubliner was preparing to take part in the FedEx St Jude Classic when the incident occured.

“I’ve been hit before,” added Harrington. “The common one is I’ve done a couple of junior clinics, and they’ve hit me on the shin with the golf ball. Of course, you can’t start crying in front of a 9-year-old. You just jump around because you can’t curse and you can’t cry.

The amateur player who struck Harrington felt awful about the whole ordeal, and apologised profusely.

“When I came back from the hospital, I gave him a big hug,” Harrington said. “It was a pure accident. These things happen. I know he felt bad. And he actually told me I straightened out his hook.”

The 45-year-old says he expects to be back in action in 12 days.

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