Golf trolleys will carry the load of a heavy golf bag or make moving around the golf course an easier task. Golf trolleys are no longer considered suitable only for senior golfers, and there has been an abundance of players of all ages and fitness levels using trolleys on the greens today.

Our informative buying guide to push/pull trolleys will explain to players the basics of owning a trolley, how best to utilise it for maximum effectiveness and the best models available on the market today.

Selecting a golf trolley

Not every golf trolley is the same, and here we explain the differences between a push trolley and its pull counterpart; detailing their differences, benefits, flaws and capabilities to make your decision that much easier when it comes time to buy.

Push Trolleys

Push trolleys need to be pushed around the golf course manually, though they are designed in such a way to make traversing the greens fun and not a chore. Most golfers like the feel of a 3-wheel push trolley as they are easier to steer and control over their 2-wheel counterparts.

Stability-wise a player cannot go wrong by owning a push trolley. They are able to hold a tremendous amount of weight without tipping or spilling, and they can be quickly assembled in a couple of minutes, folded down and stashed away ready for the next time they are needed. For car travel, most push trolleys now allow for the wheels to be removed to create extra room. Removing the wheels is also handy as it’s a good idea to make regular checks of the trolley to ensure there’s no mud or dirt trapped inside.

Push trolleys can also accommodate plenty of accessories. Umbrella holders, scorecard holders, drinks holders and a place for a GPS or mobile phone device can all be used with a push trolley, though perhaps not all of these will be compatible with every model.

How much does a push trolley weigh?

Push trolleys are lightweight in construction which makes them incredibly easy to lift in and out of a car. Being this light means they can also be stored with relative ease either on a high shelf or under the bed.

Pull Trolleys

Similar to push trolleys, a lot of players just starting out in their golfing careers such as novices and juniors find that using a pull trolley is the better option for them.

As the name suggests, pull trolleys cannot be pushed around. The majority are lightweight (two-wheel) and can be easily led up a hill without issue. Pull trolleys can be easily stored in small places where it will remain safe and secure, ready for the next game.

Additional points of interest with some pull trolleys is that they have straps for the top and bottom which secure the golf bag in place and assures all golf clubs inside remain fixed in place and sturdy, even when travelling over rough, uneven or sodden terrain.

How much does a pull trolley weigh?

Similar to a push trolley, pull trolleys are incredibly lightweight and can be lifted with little effort. They are easy to traverse the golf course with and will not weigh players down when going uphill and won’t force them forward when the course takes a sudden incline.

Buying golf trolleys should be a fun and relaxed experience, so don’t be forced into making a quick decision. Take time to consider the options, make a choice between push or pull variations and the brand’s you do and do not like, and then base your decision from that.

Some of the best 2, 3 and 4-wheel push/pull trolleys available now include the Clicgear Rovic RV2L Trolley, Masters Golf iCart Duo Trolley, Motocaddy S1 Lite Trolley, PowerBug Push 2.0 Trolley, Skymax CUBE 3 Trolley, BIG MAX Z360 Cart 3-Wheel Push Trolley and Stewart Golf R1 Push Trolley. Each trolley will definitely work to give you less stress on the golf course.

View the full range of push/pull trolleys now, or view via brand, which includes BIG MAX, Clicgear, Stewart, Masters Golf, Motocaddy, Skymax, PowerBug.