This buying guide for manual and electric golf trolleys will answer all your questions, such as how to choose the best model, which brands are better, how much storage option should be sought. So have a read before purchasing a golf trolley and know the facts before making a decision.

Two Types of Golf Trolley

OK, so once you have made the decision to purchase a golf trolley. The first thing you should look at is whether the trolley needs to be manual or electric. This is potentially the most important question you need to ask yourself. For example, do you want a golf trolley that can be pulled along at your own pace and leisure, or would you prefer an electric trolley which can be remotely controlled and moves at your side at varying speeds?

Manual Golf Trolleys

Manual golf trolleys are usually designed to be ergonomically sound, which means they epitomise comfort, stability and ease of movement on the golf course. Good manual trolleys usually consist of a straight bar that’s roughly running at around 45 degrees – and on which the golf bag can be supported at the base and top – and two rear wheels are added for stability and movement. The pull-along handles add excellent support for the golfer, while a third wheel can also be used at the base of some trolleys to stop it from falling over.

Some of the best manual golf trolleys available right now include the Masters Golf iCart Duo Trolley, Clicgear Rovic RV2L Trolley, Motocaddy S1 Lite Trolley, Stewart Golf R1 Push Trolley, BIG MAX Blade Plus 3 Wheel Push Trolley and Clicgear Rovic RV1S Trolley.

Electric Golf Trolleys

Motorised or electric golf trolleys are essential for golfers who struggle to push or pull their trolley around the greens, although they are also great for tech-savvy golfers looking for some fun technology to play with during their game. Electric golf trolleys are powered by an on-board motor and battery, with modern mechanical trolleys having to be steered in the correct direction. These trolleys generally need little to no effort from the player, nor do they need to understand the mechanics of working them. The battery is chargeable with many lasting between 18 and 36 holes.

Some of the top electric golf trolleys available include the PowaKaddy Touch 18 Hole Lithium Electric Trolley, Motocaddy S7 Remote Lithium 18 Hole Electric Trolley, GoKart Automatic 18 Hole Electric Trolley , Stewart Golf X9 Remote Electric Trolley, Power Bug GT8 Lithium Electric Trolley and Stewart Golf F1 Lithium Remote Controlled Electric Trolley.

Additional Features & Benefits

Many golf trolleys these days are collapsible and able to be tucked away for easy transportation along with the golf clubs, so checking this is the case before buying could free up a lot of extra space in your car, home, garden or garage.

Golf trolleys also have some great accessories to make them more functional and user-friendly, so checking these ranges out can be fun as well as rewarding. Accessories include umbrellas, scorecard holders and drinks holders, among other things.

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